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Lithium-lon Battery

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The next generational upgrade to forklift battery technology.

Lithium battery comes with numerous operational advantages compared to traditional battery, including:

  • Completely maintenance-free. No check-up or water top-up required.
  • Enables opportunity charging. Battery can be unplugged for use even when not fully charged. This also eliminates the necessity for spare batteries in certain applications.
  • No health risks – No toxic or flammable fumes from chemical reactions during charging. No exposure to potentially dangerous acid while topping up water.
  • Fast charging – most lithium battery takes only 3 hours to get from 0% to full charge.
  • Enhanced safety – lithium battery comes with built-in battery management system (BMS) in order to monitor battery health, charge/discharge cycles, and provide additional protection.

Each traction cell provides 3.2-volt with varying amperage. Therefore, the battery is available in numerous voltage choices (from 12V to 80V), capacities (from 100Ah to over 1,000Ah), and infinitely customizable box dimensions.