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Push Back Rack

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Push back rack is ideal for space utilization as goods are stored and retrieved at one point only. The front pallet is pushed backwards when storing new pallets; the rear pallet automatically comes forward to the front picking position when the front pallet is retrieved. As the most recently stored inventory is positioned to be picked first so push back rack is suitable for goods unaffected by obsolescence, expiration or deterioration


  • Push back rack utilizes approximately 43% of its available space for storage
  • Offers approximately 28% direct accessibility to each pallet
  • Offers over 75% increased storage space compared to Selective Rack in the same space
  • Ideal for warehouse with slow-moving items or large quantity storage with minimal SKUs
  • Suitable for Last In First Out (LIFO) operations only
  • Limited to only 5 pallets deep, and requires large forklift in order to accommodate extra loads from the push back trolley
  • Put less stress on pallets, as push back racks are equipped with load supporting trays and trolleys
  • Reduced wasted aisle width, as the loading and picking areas are on the same location