ICE Forklift Truck GP15-35MX

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ICE Forklift Truck GP15-35MX

Setting the standard for performance and productivity

The Yale GP15-35MX series of Internal Combustion Counterbalanced lift trucks have been engineered for low cost of ownership, reduced downtime and high productivity, combining with performance, operational safety and comfort, with key features including Hi-Vis Mast, optimized gear profiles and best-in-class service access.

Available in diesel, LPG, and dual-fuel systems, and with a load capacity of between 1.5 to 3.5 tons, the GP15-35MX range has been built for demanding work cycles and sets the standard for operational efficiency.


  • Designed for long-lasting durability and performance for multiple shift operations, low emission and best-in-class fuel efficiency.
  • Multitude of optional features and accessories, along with simple maintenance makes the truck ideal for almost every industry.
  • Manufactured and assembled in Obu, Japan


  • The High Vis™ Mast provides clear visibility, giving the operator the ability to physically move forward with greater confidence, while its high strength design improves capacity retention at high lift heights.
  • 3-point entry design, with an open non-slip step at optimum height, gives easy entry and exit from either side and reduces muscle and joint stress
  • A smaller steering wheel and adjustable steering column, coupled with synchronous steering, make days less physically tiring
  • Low-vibration Full Suspension seat and isolated powertrain combine for a comfortable and secure operator environment.
  • Transmission gear profiles are optimized to reduce operator noise, with an improved gear tooth profile lowering the overall noise level by 2dB
  • The vertical muffler can be adjusted to aim emissions away from the operator in environments where dust and exhaust gases may be present (Optional feature)
  • Maintenance-free Continuous Stability Enhancement (CSE) enhances lateral stability through reducing truck leaning in turns, without compromising travel over uneven surfaces
  • V-ECU continuously monitors functions and keeps the operator informed at all times of service requirements, while a state-of-the-art diagnostics dash display alerts the need for attention via codes to allow quick and accurate response
  • An exclusive Operator Presence System, for enhanced operating safety, includes Traction Interlock and Hydraulic Interlock safety functions
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to 500-hour engine service intervals
  • Best-in-class cowl-to-counterweight service access is facilitated through a one-piece, rear opening hood
  • The unit's cooling system, with optimized ducting and high volume tunnels, operates at lower temperatures to produce a cooler engine, resulting in longer life of components and reducing the risk of overheating in heavy-duty applications

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