Electric Warehouse Truck FBR13-18SZ/WZ / FBR20-30S(T)Y

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Electric Warehouse Truck FBR13-18SZ/WZ / FBR20-30S(T)Y


  • The latest reach truck series from our Japanese manufacturing facility. Designed for traditional Asian factories with low ceilings and multi-storey warehouses.
  • Agile, ergonomic and manoeuvrable, this new series truck features improved turning radius, energy savings and comfort, designed with superior ergonomics for versatility and productivity.


  • Intuitive operational feel
  • Comfortable cabin space for ease of operation
  • Small turning radius with a minimum right-angle stacking aisle width of 2,340mm
  • IPM Motor for energy saving
  • Unique suspension system provides improved stability with greater productivity
  • Available with capacities from 1,250 to 3,000 kg
  • Manufactured and assembled in Obu, Japan

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