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Electric Forklift Truck FB-RZ

The new FB Series – engineered to provide the perfect combination of power, speed, increased battery life and clean performance

In releasing its new FB Series, Yale engineers have worked closely with customers to develop a range of counterbalanced electric riders that are able to thrive in demanding applications.

Performance, reliability and low cost of ownership are all important factors in running a forklift truck fleet, and the new FB range delivers on all these fronts.

Innovative features such as regenerative braking, synchronised and power assist steering and automatic speed control all improved productivity while a host of ergonomic and safety features ensure the FB will also be a favourite with operators.


  • A refined operator compartment delivers excellent driver comfort and ease of access
  • Easy-to-use interactive dash display clearly shows the most relevant information on the truck's operating status
  • Interlock system that disables the truck's functions if the seatbelt is removed or the driver leaves the seat
  • Blue Pedestrian Awareness Light (PAL)* alerts pedestrians and users of other equipment that a forklift truck is operating in their area (Optional feature)
  • Manufactured and assembled in Obu, Japan


  • Regenerative braking allows the AC controlled motor to send power back to the battery during braking, increasing uptime (8.5 hours' battery life in high performance mode, 9.5 hours in economy mode)
  • Synchronized and power assisted steering prompts the steering wheel to always return to the ideal position
  • Automatic speed control automatically reduces speed based on load and steer tyre angle for added efficiency and driver confidence
  • Cleverly-designed mast provides excellent inner mast clearance for optimum visibility when loading and unloading
  • Easily-accessed battery, low at the rear of the truck reduces downtime if removal or replacement is needed. Optional horizontal extraction also available if preferred
  • Sealed controllers and brushless motors provide water resistance in all weather conditions
  • Strong chassis construction for durability and stability, boosting driver confidence
  • Available with capacities from 1,500 to 3,500 kg

*Optional extra

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