Electric Pallet Truck CBD20S

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Electric Pallet Truck CBD20S

The CBD20S Pedestrian Low Lift Pallet Truck combines the functionality of a pallet truck with a mini-mast for low lift capabilities. This allows the CBD20S to handle up to 2 pallets at the same time (maximum of 1.0 ton per pallet), or a single horizontal transport operation (maximum 2.0 tons). This makes it ideal for use with small warehouses with low-rise racking systems.


  • Maximum 2,000 kg capacity (for horizontal transport operations)
  • Maximum 1,000 kg capacity (for lifting or double pallet operations)
  • Maximum lift height of 2,500 mm
  • For use with open-face pallets only
  • Equipped with a tiller-mounted bumper switch for added safety
  • Equipped with pressure relief valve to vent excess pressure in case of overloading
  • Creep speed button, for operations in tight spaces
  • Equipped with side casters for enhanced stability
  • Hall-effect butterfly switches, enabling higher reliability compared to traditional switches

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