Electric Pallet Truck CBD-R series (CBD20R-II/CBD25R-II)

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Electric Pallet Truck CBD-R series (CBD20R-II/CBD25R-II)

The CBD-R series of Stand-on Electric Pallet trucks raise the bar for long range transport operations, with up to 7 km/hr top speed. The truck is ideal for large distribution centers with high throughput operations. Equipped with foldable side guards and stand, the truck can also be used in limited spaces.


  • Available in 2,000 / 2,500 / 3,000 kg capacity
  • For use with open-face pallets only
  • Equipped with German FREI tiller head
  • Equipped with side casters for enhanced stability
  • High-performance AC Motor with Regenerative Braking system
  • Battery rollers and side battery door allows horizontal battery extraction
  • Foldable stand and side guards

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